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May 29, 2012Day 44

May 28, 2012Day 43

May 25, 2012Day 42 day 42 wrap.
May 23, 2012Day 41 Day 41 video clips
May 22, 2012Day 40 Day 40 video clips
May 16, 2012Day 39 Day 39
May 15, 2012Day 38

For videos on day 38 of the impeachment trial, please visit, day 38
May 14, 2012Day 37, day 37
May 13, 2012Day 36

In this hearing, the defense panel says Corona will finally testify. day 36 summary with video clips

May 7, 2012Day 35, Trial resumes

A summary of the day's events:

Mar 22, 2012Day 34, Trial adjourned to May 7, 2012

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for the latest updates while the trial is on a break.

The trial has been adjourned for 6 weeks. Here are the latest developments in yesterdays trial and news for today, 7:19AM of March 23, we will continue to update this entry:

For a replay of Day 34 proceedings: REPLAY: Day 34 (click here for other clips)

  • Corona's wife use 14 year old certification to sell family property The story brings out the fact that the mayor of Manila, Lito Atienza may not be practicing due deligence.

  • PCIJ opposes subpuena request
    It is not only the opposition panel which is "lazy". Add the defense panel too.

  • Osmeña asks Atienza clarificatory questions The check of the city of Manila requiring three signatures was processed and deposited in the name of Corona's wife in just one day!

  • Senator Ralph Recto asks about the PSBank withdrawal of P34.7 Million Was the money from PSB owned by Corona or his wife?


    Senator Ralph Recto asks about the PSBank withdrawal of P34.7 Million on December 12, 2011, wants to know if it was BGEI money.

    Defense lead counsel Atty. Serafin Cuevas says they will explain money in time, asks Recto to wait for presentation.

  • Drilon asks Atienza clarificatory questions

  • philstar: Prosecution to search for more Corona properties

    We can really charge the prosecution for not doing its homework! We do not believe that the Coronas have no properties in Batangas and other provinces, until ALL records are publicly made known.

  • Basa-Guidote keeps Corona trial in suspense

    Former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza stated in yesterday's March 22 trial proceedings that

    Corona and his wife negotiated the sale of BGEI's sole property in Sampaloc, Manila to the city government, avoiding the expropriation of the lot. A cheque of P34.7 million was paid to Corona's wife, Cristina, in trust for BGEI.

  •, 03/22/2012 10:06 PM, updated 03/23/2012 2:00 :Questions persist as trial goes on 6-week break


    The defense mentioned it to try to explain Corona’s accounts with Philippine Saving Bank (PSBank) and his purchase of at least one property.

    The prosecution has however insisted that Corona is using the money of BGEI as an excuse, suggesting that Corona’s assets are ill-gotten.(Article 2.4 The impeachment court barred the prosecution from presenting evidence on this accusation).

  • rappler: 45? 21? 6? The Corona property math

    On Day 33 of the impeachment trial, the prosecution and the defense went over the list of titles from the Land Registration Authority (LRA). This list was the basis of the initial claim of the prosecution that Corona has 45 properties. Prosecutors have since changed their count.

    The two panels agreed on Wednesday, March 21, that of the 45 titles, 17 were cancelled and others belonged to namesakes of the Chief Justice and his family. These became part of the list because of a general name search done with the LRA’s new computer system.

    Yet the defense and the prosecution’s counts still don't match.... Click on the link for more!

  • philstar: 7 justices defend CJ on ruling recall

  • The reader should not be surprised at this show of support. Yet from the story, the SC as a whole had been careless in their procedures and technicalities ruled the day. Excerpt: “To be sure, it was not due to any conspiracy to reverse their ruling to affirm the previous court rulings already made in favor of FASAP; the (SC) division’s response was simply dictated by the legal uncertainties that existed and the deep division among them on the proper reaction to Atty. Mendoza’s letters,” the high tribunal explained.

  • Supreme Court clears Corona in PAL case

Mar 21, 2012Day 33

For video clips of the impeachment trial: video clips of day 33
Mar 20, 2012Day 32 day 32.

Mar 19, 2012Day 31

For the day's summary, click on day 31 journal
Mar 15, 2012Day 30, trial to resume Monday

Day 30 summary from

Its a slow news day in the impeachment trial. The day consisted mainly of presenting documentary evidence from the Assessor's offices of Taguig and Quezon City.

Other news links:

Mar 14, 2012Day 29
summary of the day, mar 14: Impeachment trial day 29

We will be back at 11:00 pm when the news agencies have some news on the trial.

    Mar 13, 2012Day 28

    Summary of the day, summary journal: day 28

    • Judd Ray gets off with a reprimand. A serious charge that the Senate can be bought earned only a reprimand for Atty Judd Roy of the Defense Panel, whereas Atty Vitaliano Aguirre had the decency to resign from the prosecution pane when he was caught with a lesser charge of cupping his ears when Senator-Judge Santiago was talking.Sheesh....

      A certain white-haired man was the witness for the defense in today's hearing. Lots of discrepancies came out and even the prosecution was able to establish that the witness is a relative of Cj Corona, an incredible fact unknown to the defense! who may be lying that they did not know the relationship between CJ Corona and the witness Demetrio Coronado Vicente. He bought 7 parcels of land in Marikina Heights from Mrs Cristina Corona in 1990.
      We may list all the discrepancies and implications in a separate post tomorrow.
      But what we are puzzled is where he got his money.
    • Corona declared sold property in his SALN
      It took a senator-judge Ralph Recto to punch holes in the assertions of Corona about the presence of a Marikina property in his 1990 SALN, the defense witness just told the court that he bought the property from Corona's wife. Yet the title is still with the Coronas!

    Mar 12, 2012Day 27

    Trial summary: day 27 summary with video hightlights

    Cong. Tobias Tiangco may find himself a target of Sen. Santiago's ire or lecture or dressing down. He has been "invited" to attend the session again tomorrow! Good luck for him! :)

    Feb 29, 2012Day 26 Day 26
    Feb 28, 2012Day 25
    Rappler's coveraqe for Day 25 replay of the impeachment trial.
    Feb 27, 2012Day 24

    Rappler's historical video coverage for Day 24 of the impeachment trial.(Only a midsesion wrap up (video) without summary per hour replay of day 24

    Feb 23, 2012Day 23

    The impeachment trial may end soon! The prosecution panel is planning to wrap up their presentation after tackling article 7. Here is the summary for day 23 from the growing social journalism site Day 23: Trial summary with video coverage

    • Prosecutors, senator want justice to testify
    • philstar: Prosecution drops three charges vs. Corona


      Isabela Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao said the prosecution would no longer present evidence on paragraphs 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 of Article 3, which accuse Corona of culpable violation of the Constitution and/or betrayal of public trust.

      Paragraphs 3.4 to 3.4.8 accuse Corona of “excessive entanglement” with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo after his wife Cristina accepted an appointment by Arroyo to the board of the John Hay Management Corp. on March 23, 2007. The JHMC is a government-owned and controlled corporation created under Republic Act 7227.

      Paragraphs 3.4.9 to 3.4.10 allege that Corona “dipped his hands into public funds to finance personal expenses.”

    Feb 22, 2012Day 22

    Today's trial recap: trial Day 22 summary.

    Feb 21, 2012Day 21

    For the day's trial summary, click on Day 21 summary

    It was adjourned shortly upon request by prosecution panel.

    • Enrilie rejects witness, slams prosecution

      Enrile got mad at prosecution for presenting evidence against unclear unspecified charges. The prosecution wanted to present
      The prosecution wanted to present a PAL executive to testify on the free plane tickets that PAL management allegedly granted Corona and wife. The SC decisions on the labor dispute between PAL and its pilots' union is one of the "flip-flopping" cases cited in the impeachment complaint (Article 3).

      What Enrile perhaps wanted was that the prosecution panel should have gathered all the evidence before filing an impeachment case, especially on the bank accounts.

      I dont think the prosecution lost on this one, citing the previous impeachment trial versus former Pres. Estrada, where a surprise witness came forward.

      We only opine that the flow of the trial depends whether the senator judges stick to strict legal technical procedures or get to the truth of the matter.

    • Corona gets ‘unlimited courtesy travel’ from PAL
      Corona and his family were able to visit Guam, Singapore, Honolulu, Hong Kong and to domestic destinations. What is wrong? There was a pending case involving PAL in the Supreme Court! Unfortunately the presiding officer J.P.Enrile, has remarked that the evidence was rubbish.

      We'd rather let time pass before we present an opinion on this one!

    Feb 20,2012 Day 20, trial resumes

    For a summary of the day's trial, we prefer Day 20

    • BSP: PSBank lax with Corona accounts


      n a statement on Monday evening, February 20, the bank regulator stressed that its audit team that was deployed to conduct its regular examination of Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) "could not have copied nor secured copies" of the deposit account records, including the signature cards of Corona.

      BSP said the assigned examiners "did not access" and "never requested" for the deposit records of Corona that are maintained with PSBank Katipunan branch.

    • Garcia indicates 42 differences in Corona original docus vs prosecution team
    • Miriam: Dollar account inquiry against law

      This where technicalities trump over justice. Corona is hiding his wealth in dollar accounts and he is NOT EVEN a foreigner.

      Yet former US ambassadors to the Philippines are saying bank secrecy laws of the Philippines are antiquated and hinder the war on graft!There is no surprise if indeed the good Chief Justice engaged in dollar money laundering, Corona has an MBA and once worked in a bank!

    • why did Corona fgo to the U.S. in November 2011?

    • Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas audited Corona' accounts in 2010

    • Aquino:My SALN long been open to public

      Who would have thought that the impeachment trial would pry open the Justice SALNs, specifically that of the chief Justice? Now Corona will be forced to explain in "due time", the
      wide discrepancy between what is stated in his SALN and the amounts kept in banks! (Remember Corona has an MBA and formerly worked in bank(s)). Yet we have the just exposed justice Corona hurling charges and challenges at the president, one of the latest of which was to demand the President to publish his SALN? (the psychological reports were old rehashes of presidential election mudslinging).

    • Senators to tackle contempt issue, Supreme Court records in caucus">

      The Press Conference where the defense panel spokesmen talked about an alleged P100 Million bribe from the president will be tackled in a caucus. If this leads to a walkout of the defense panel, then Corona is guilty of resorting to dirty tactics. He did not apologize for what his defense panel or spokesmen has stated. We think that the docile behavior during the trial proper itself masks a hidden agenda.

    Feb 17, 2012Trial adjourned to Monday Feb. 19, 5:16pm: Defense: Cash under Corona's name not all his


    When asked why the amount was not declared in the SALNs of the Chief Justice, considering it was his wife's, defense spokesperson Karen Jimeno verified that Corona's SALN was filed jointly with Cristina, but said the fuller explanation will come in due time.

    "Joint filing pagka-asawa mo, yes, 'yun ang kailangan natin tanungin kay Chief Justice Corona kapag panahon na ng defense magpresenta ng ebidensiya," said Jimeno. "Kung sa Basa-Guidote yan at sa pangalan ng asawa mo to, kung bakit hindi yan kasama sa SALN…Dapat andun, yes, I agree."

    Tranquil Salvador III, in a separate interview, however, contradicted Jimeno and denied the SALNs were not filed jointly.

    "Hindi po. Ang SALN, individual kung public officer ka. Kaya kami ay nagtataka rin kanina kung bakit pati ang mga bank deposits ni Misis ay titingnan rin," said Salvador.

    Now even a member of the defense panel gets it wrong. Corona really has to enter this cash in his SALN as required by law!

    Feb 16, 2012 Day 19 synopsis of Impeachement Trial Day 19

    Feb 15, 2012Day 18
    Due to a loss of a family member, we were not able to update our timelines with links to pertinent news and opinion pages. We will try to fill up the entries for Day 17 and 18 in the succeeding days.

    Click on synopsis of the impeachment trial for Day 18.

    Feb 14, 2012Day 17

    Click on
    "> synopsis of the impeachment trial for Day 17.

    Feb 13, 2012Day 16 seems to be the most consistent in presenting a complete picture of each impeachment trial day sessions. So for this day, Feb. 13, we honor

    Rappler's excellent synopsis of the impeachment trial

    • Senators vote 13-10 to follow court's TRO
    • For:Vicente Sotto III, Loren Legarda, Jinggoy Estrada, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr, Gregorio Honasan, Aquilino Pimentel III, Ralph Recto, Joker Arroyo, Manuel Villar Jr, Juan Ponce Enrile, Francis Escudero, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Against:Sergio Osmeña III, Edgardo Angara, Panfilo Lacson, Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Manuel Lapid, Francis Pangilinan, Teofisto Guinonga III, Antonio Trillanes IV, and Franklin Drilon.
    • Corona singles out 5 biased senators
    • Wow, CJ Corona is making judgment already on the composition of the Impeachment Court. I suggest that the Senate should ignore any TRO's from hereon.
    • Corona's Miscommunication
    • Excerpt: Corona's lawyers repeatedly said that they respect the authority of the impeachment court even after they accused Malacañang of pressuring senator-judges to defy a temporary restraining order on Corona's dollar accounts. "We have no intention of disrespecting or criticizing the Senate," said defense spokesperson Rico Quicho on Day 16 of the impeachment trial. Defense spokesperson Tranquil Salvador III echoed him, "If we didn't respect this process, we shouldn't be here....We have no intention of discrediting the Senate because we believe in the Senate as a strong institution." Yet in a press statement released the same day, Corona said, "Itong impeachment trial na ito ay isang huwad, isang paghihiganti [nang] sukdulan at kahiya-hiyang tangka na pigilin ang pagbabahagi ng lupain sa Hacienda Luisita." (This impeachment trial is a fraud, an act of ultimate vengeance and a shameful attempt to stop the distribution of Hacienda Luisita.) A sign of desperation?
    • bank manager says about prosecution documents: Its fake!
    • Defense sorry of offending Senate
    • Excerpt:

      We apologize if our statement was not clear. We are not trying to imply that you were bribed,” Roy told Sen Alan Peter Cayetano during the trial. “We went to the media to send a clear message to those trying to subvert the process that we won’t allow this to go unnoticed.” Cayetano said he felt insulted that he even had to deny accepting a bribe. Senators Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada, Pia Cayetano, and Antonio Trillanes IV also questioned Roy, saying the defense’s statement discredited the Senate. Roy said the defense only wanted to expose to the public that Malacañang was pressuring the senators, and that this was not fair to their client. Cayetano responded, “Pressure is always part of the game. Ang tanong magpapa-pressure ba kami?” (The question is will we be pressured?)

    All news items items are from website. We only republish for the sake of of its public importance and to encourage the reader to read!
    feb 11-12, 2012Trial to resume Monday

    feb 10, 2012Trial to resume Monday

    Reviews and Opinions

    •,updated 02/10/2012 12:04AM:Day 15: Cuevas commits a mistake
    •,Updated Feb 10, 2012 12:00 AM :SC stops subpoena on dollar accounts

    • I will fight to my last breath - Corona


      Defense counsel Ramon Esguerra told The STAR Corona is determined to fight until his last breath.

      “Kahit patayin ninyo ako, lalabanan ko kayo, hanggang sa huling hininga (Even if you kill me, I will fight you, until my last breath),”
      Esguerra quoted Corona as saying.

      Esguerra said the defense panel is ready to reconcile the bank accounts revealed in the last two hearings.
      He hinted that the alleged peso accounts containing millions of pesos could be reconciled with the sales of two of his properties in 2009.
      Esguerra said that the public should not forget Mrs. Corona also got a P34-million check from expropriations of their family corporation, Basa Guidote Enterprises Inc. as early as 2001. He added that the amount in Basa Guidote “could have grown by reason of the interest to a higher sum.” Esguerra explained they will have time to contradict all the prosecution’s claims when their turn to present witnesses and evidence comes.

    •, updated feb 10,12:00AM: House: CJ has nowhere to go p>Excerpts:

      “I was personally amazed at that tactic (petition for TRO) because as one senator wants to put it, it’s only one of two things: maybe they don’t want to show contents of that document and they try to involve the Supreme Court in the controversy by stopping it. And I don’t see how you can win there,” Speaker of the House Belmonte said.

      House Majority Leader and Mandaluyong City Rep. Neptali Gonzales II described the Chief Justice’s move to seek a TRO from the SC as an “act of desperation.”

      He said if the arguments raised by Corona in his petition were serious as he claimed, he should have raised them even before the start of trial.

      “Now that he (Corona) brought the matter to the Supreme Court, there is a real threat of a constitutional crisis, and there would be a crisis in the banking industry, but that’s his fault,” Gonzales said.

      He said if Corona is not hiding huge dollar bank accounts, he should allow PSBank to bare them to the public.

      “This is not a legal opinion but from our point of view, it is clear that if he has nothing to hide, why is he (Corona) afraid to reveal his SALN? I think that may be an indicator of guilt. It is a generally accepted principle that that is an indicator of guilt if you are hiding something,” said Fr. Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace.

      “Isn’t it if you are a judge you should favor the truth to come out? But how can he do that if he himself is hiding… the truth? He is not worthy to become a chief justice if he would use technicalities and legalities to hide the truth,” he said.

      The CBCP official reminded Corona of his promise to subject himself to the impeachment process to clear his name. “So why is he backing out now?”

    Feb 9, 2012Day 15 Summary of Day 15

    Further reading:

    • Corona has 12 Million pesos in BPI-manager

      The exact balance is P12,024,067.70 at the end of 2010, yet CJ Corona divulged only P3.5Million in his SALN (Assets, Liabilities and Networth) for 2010.

    • Philstar, 5:05pm: SC issues TRO on Senate subpoena

      The Supreme Court (SC) issued this afternoon a temporary restraining order (TRO) preventing the Senate from implementing its subpoena that compelled the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) to send a representative and submit documents on Chief Justice Renato Corona’s five foreign currency accounts.

      Our Opinion: We are now getting confident that CJ Corona can never reconcile what he wrote in his SALN and all his wealth including hidden dollar accounts. This amounts to obstuction of truth. Nevertheless, the ball is in his hands to prove that there was no intention to hide his actual wealth, a difficult problem since there was no other proof that he earned money aside from his salary as public servant
      in the years 2003-2010.

    • Prosecution: TRO an admission dollar accounts were Corona’s

      Prosecution spokesman Romero “Miro” Quimbo on Thursday said that by filing a petition for certiorari Chief Justice Renato Corona has admitted that the bank accounts being subpoenaed by the Senate, acting as an impeachment court, were his. Moreover, the right to vote were taken away from Justice Carpio and Justice Conchita Morales

      This only sullies the reputation, if any is left, of CJ Renato Corona. It only means that he has hidden wealth, since it is undeclared
      in his SALN.

    feb 8, 2012Day 14

    This promises to be an exciting day for the impeachment of the Chief Justice Renato Corona. Will the bank documents be really opened in the trial? Will the search for truth be cast aside due to bank concerns of loss of confidentiality?

    Here is a summary of the proceedings, courtesy of day 14 proceedings

    feb 7, 2012Day 13

    For a recap of the days trial: Day 13

    feb 6, 2012Trial resumes today

    A summary of the day's proceedings, from Day 12 narration of events

    feb 5, 2012Trial to resume tomorrow

    It is a slow news day regarding imepeachment trial

    feb 4, 2012Trial adjourned for Monday

    •,udpated 8:09am:The prosecution's mistake according to Dean Tony La Viña of UP Law School

      it woud be a better case for the prosecution if malice or intent on the part of the chief justice be proven in not filing a true, genuine and accurate SALN since this even makes it easier to prove that he committed culpable violation of the constitutional provision that says “public office is a public trust” and/or betrayed the public trust

    • Inquirer,3:47AM:5 or 10 or 20 or 45, Corona did not declare these assets

      Criticisms leveled at the prosecution panel for presenting lower than 45 properties missed the point, spokespersons for the prosecution said.

      “They claimed we have lost the case because we only presented 25 and not 45 [properties]. But whether it is 5 or 10 or 20 or 45, the point is he did not disclose and declare them for years. And why were these declared at very low values? It’s like he’s hiding something, like where did he get the money to pay for these?” Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara said.

    • Philstar, 12:00AM: Corona SALN accurate - defense


      “We are standing by it, that it (SALN) was accurate,” defense counsel Tranquil Salvador III said in Filipino. “When we lay our evidence, we will show that there is no basis (for their claims).”

      He said that even if there is an incorrect entry in the SALN, proof of actual intent to deceive is needed before a concerned official can be held liable.

    feb 3, 2012Trial adjourned for Monday

    feb 2, 2012 Day 11

    We were not able to catch the Feb 2 online news articles, except for which archives its past articles. We will do the Feb. 3, 2012 entries simultaneously

    For the day's trial summary, visits Day 11 trial highlights by the hour

    Feb 1, 2012 Day 10

    Capsule summary of the day's proceedings: coverage of day 10

    Today's focus is on a family ownd corporation(Corona's wife) which reportedly lent Corona 11M of pesos, yet the corporation was dissolved in 2003, the same year Corona borrowed the money!

    jan 31, 2012Day 9

    Click on Day 9 Summary for a recap on what transpired at the Senate today

    Today: It is all about the Megaworld Belagio condo unit of Corona, bought at 14.4 million in 2009.

    Looks like a big loss for the prosecution claim that Corona got a 40 percent discount: Taking the witness stand on day 9 of the Corona impeachment trial, a senior executive of Megaworld debunked prosecution claims that the company granted the Chief Justice a hefty 40% discount when he bought a P14.5-M condominium unit in 2009. The condominium unit sustained water damage due to typhoon. But there is no proof yet that this really happened.

    Hernandez, a senior executive at SM Megaworld, said the Bellagio unit has an original price of P24 million. But situation change and they reduced it about P19 million.
    Megaworld further reduced the price to P10 million as the unit sustained damages during a typhoon.
    Hernandez however said that it was not a practice of Megaworld to sell damage units to clients and the company is in the process of rectifying it.
    "Apart from the damage,we compute and factor that in, and we opted to reduce the price of Bellagio," he said.

    Looks too smooth. We really need proof that the unit was damaged and the damage cost reasonable.

    jan 30, 2012Day 8 Trial resumes

    Highly recommended for its capsule summary: Rappler Day 8 summary

    jan 29, 2012Trial to resume Monday, January 30, 2012

    • Philstar: House won't amend complaint
      . The reasoning is that the charge of "illegal gotten wealth" is a conclusion (according to the presiding officer itself!) and the trial court has allowed the presentation of evidence about the SALN and the ITR, whether the records were honest: were the sum of the networth commensurate with the value of properties they bought?, and even the BIR may file a case against the daughter of Coronas for being able to buy a La Vista property WITHOUT any visible source of INCOME and may be charged with tax evasion!

      We ask the BIR to file charges as soon as possible. Let problems pile up on the Coronas.

    jan 28, 2012Trial adjourned, resumes on Monday January 30, 2012
    • view 100 witnesses too many
      Blame Renato Corona for this! His hardened heart will never admit he ever did WRONG.

    • IBP: Still no valid proof of ill-gotten wealth A lawyer, Romulo Makalintal asserts:

      Chief Justice can afford to purchase millions worth of properties because he has been getting some P2.4 million per year from tax-exempt allowances for his being a member of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, Senate Electoral Tribunal and House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal.

      He debunked the claim of Henares that Corona only receives an average of P600,000 per year based on the alpha list of taxpayers from the Supreme Court.

      Millions in allowances alone??!! For how many years ? Is the total enough to buy expensive properties?

      Do you think, at this stage, that it is high time Corona has to explain the disparity?

    • Philstar:
      Prosecution readies over 100 witnesses
      Please click on the link to view the list of witnesses.

    • Philstar: No action vs Drilon


      Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, presiding officer of the impeachment court, yesterday said he would not act on the defense motion asking Liberal Party stalwart Sen. Franklin Drilon to be disqualified as a judge for losing “open neutrality” during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

      “We will not act on that. I don’t know if they want to discuss that in the caucus. I will not even present that to the members of the court,” Enrile said.

    jan 27, 2012Trial adjourned, resumes on Monday January 30, 2012

    • No consensus needed on 'standard of proof.

    • Henares: BIR investigating Corona

    • Inquirer: de Lima and Marquez among 18 prosecution witnesses in Corona trial

      Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and Supreme Court spokesman Midas Marquez will be
      will be among the 18 witnesses for the prosecution to testify against Chief Justice Renato Corona’s alleged betrayal of public trust over an aborted overseas medical travel of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband.
      . the relevant article is



    • Newsbreak/rappler(1/26):SC Justice releases assets statement


      MANILA, Philippines - For the first time in decades, a Justice of the Supreme Court has voluntarily released his complete Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) to news organizations and civil society groups.

      Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr. directed Supreme Court Clerk of Court Enriqueta Esguerra-Vidal to release his SALN as of December 31, 2011,to various news and journalism media.

    • Manila Time: Miriam blows top, Blood pressure shoots up

    • The feisty lady senator-judge has to go home early because her blood pressure went up to 180/90! We WARN any member of the prosecution panel to answer questions directly, else there might be a mistrial.

    • Manila Bulletin:Bank subpoena alarming-Enrile

      Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile warned Thursday that the House prosecution panel is treading on dangerous ground when it asked the Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, to order banks to submit the supposed bank accounts of impeached Chief Justice Renato C. Corona and his wife, Cristina.

    • Senators buck defective raps, warn of mistrial

      THE prosecution on Thursday received a double whammy from the Senate, with the senator-judges floating the idea of tossing back the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Renato Corona to the House of Representatives for amendment of a “faulty” Article 2, and warning of a mistrial because spokesmen kept discussing the merits of the case outside the court.

    • Philstar: Defense moves to inhibit Drilon"

      Seneator Drilon already has indicated that he will NOT inhibit himself. We take this defense request as a delaying tactic and an afterthought after seeing the damage done by the release of the SALN of Corona. Yet they cannot deny that the SALN were among the documents subpoena by the impeachment court and even the presiding judge Enrile also asked the first witness to surrender the documents.

      Let the defense handle the explosive release of financial records of Corona so we can know what kind of man is sitting in the Supreme Court.

    jan 26, 2012 Day 7

    A lot of things happened today. A concise description (chronicle) of the day's events is in #Corona trial: Day 7

    • Philstar:Court prevents camps from disclosing docs

      The Senate impeachment court reminded the defense and prosecution panels to prevent from disclosing documentary evidence to the media in the ouster proceeding against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    • Drilion refuses to inhibit self from senate-impeachment court, saying there is no bass

    • Manila Times:Mrs. Corona purchased P11-million La Vista house

    • Exceprt:

      CRISTINA Corona, wife of Chief Justice Renato Corona, did not declare any income with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and yet she bought a piece of property worth P11 million at the La Vista Subdivision in Quezon City (Metro Manila) in 2003, according to BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares.
      Testifying at the Senate impeachment court on Wednesday, Henares said that Mrs. Corona registered as a one-time taxpayer for the property transaction in September 9, 2003.

    • Inquirer: Corona's daughter able to buy La Vista property worth 18 Million of pesos in 20120 on income of only P8,476.00 Pesos in 2009!

    • Either something happened: a misstated amount or a nondisclosure of income. Either way, the conclusion going by Corona rule,
      there is a presumption of illegal wealth if amounts declared in SALN does not cover the amount of expenses.

    • BIR Commissioner denies discussing with prosecution panel about Corona's failure to file SALN.

    jan 25, 2012 Day 6, BIR commissioner testifies

    Note: has a record of the day's events. Plese click on Day 6 of Chief Justice impeachment trial

    • ABS-CBN news:Senate excludes ill gottten wealth clause


      Chief Justice Renato Corona won a key battle on day 6 of his impeachment trial after senator-judges struck down the ill-gotten wealth allegation in the impeachment complaint.

      Senator-judges decided to drop article 2.4 of the complaint, which had been the rallying cry of the prosecution in their effort to seek a Corona conviction for betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution.
      Senator-judge Franklin Drilon said, however: "However, under article 2.4, which asserts that these are... that such properties could be ill-gotten, the court did not rule on that and will rely on the presumptions of evidence on the presumptions of law particularly, the anti-graft law."

    • Bongbong: Senate used Corona ruling on Marcos wealth

    • ABS-CBN: Mrs. Corona bought P11M property with no income: BIR chief


      Kim Henares, Bureau of Internal Revenue testified that:

      Mrs. Corona purchased an P11-million property at the posh La Vista subdivision in Quezon City in 2003 despite not having declared any income prior to the transaction

      Mrs. Corona registered with the bureau as a one-time taxpayer for the property transaction in Sept. 9, 2003.

      She was not registered as taxpayer. And therefore, for all legal purposes as far as BIR is concerned, she has not earned any income prior to Sept. 9, 2003.

    • Inquirer:Sen. Santiago loses cool over ‘observer’ treatment

    • BIR chief’s documentary evidence enough to presume Corona’s ‘ill-gotten wealth’—prosecution spokesman

    • BIR chief’s documentary evidence enough to presume Corona’s ‘ill-gotten wealth’—prosecution

    • The SALN document should be tested if it was submitted on the day it was signed. It might have been doctored for all we know. Let us see if the SALN is truthful as the trial unfolds.

    • ‘Article 2’ row stalls Corona impeach trial


      A “vaguely” written and formulated accusation that Chief Justice Renato Corona had amassed ill-gotten wealth put the Senate impeachment court in a “quandary” Tuesday on whether to admit the prosecution evidence.

      Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the presiding officer, noted that Article 2 of the impeachment complaint had been “expanded” by the prosecution from its original allegation that Corona committed culpable violation of the Constitution and betrayed the public trust by supposedly failing to disclose his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALNs).

    • GMANetwork BIR chief allowed to testify in impeachment trial but with limitations

    • GMANetwork: Prosecution: Corona's declared assets not supported by salary

      Excerpts from this news item.

      Marikina Rep. Romero Quimbo, one of the prosecution’s spokesmen said that the prosecution was able to establish that Corona has no other means of income besides his earnings at the high court, since his assets are declared through the alpha list and not through ITRs.

      He noted that under the Republic Act 1379 or the Forfeiture Law, assets that are larger than one’s income are “presumed to be ill gotten.”

      Nahuhuli na po namin ‘yung isda na napakalaki na sa tingin namin ay wala na karapatan na umupo sa Supreme Court,” he said.

      House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II, meanwhile, said that the revelations made in Wednesday’s trial will make it “difficult” for the senators “to disallow the discussion” on Corona’s alleged ill-gotten wealth.

    • "This impeachment court has arrived at a decision. This court will allow the introduction of evidence on impeachment Article Number II, paragraphs 2.2 and 2.3 but not the introduction of evidence for paragraph 2.4," Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, presiding officer of the impeachment court, said at the start of Wednesday's trial. However, Sen. Franklin Drilon noted that "the court did not rule on that [paragraph 2.4] and will rely on the presumptions of law, particularly the Anti-Graft Law”. The paragraphs of Article II of the Articles of Impeachment mentioned by Enrile are: 2.2. Respondent failed to disclose to the public his statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth as required by the Constitution. 2.3. It is also reported that some of the properties of Respondent are not included in his declaration of his assets, liabilities, and net worth, in violation of the anti-graft and corrupt practices act. 2.4. Respondent is likewise suspected and accused of having accumulated ill-gotten wealth, acquiring assets of high values and keeping bank accounts with huge deposits. It has been reported that Respondent has, among others, a 300-sq. meter apartment in a posh Megaworld Property development at the Fort in Taguig. Has he reported this, as he is constitutionally-required under Art. XI, Sec. 17 of the Constitution in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)? Is this acquisition sustained and duly supported by his income as a public official? Since his assumption as Associate and subsequently, Chief Justice, has he complied with this duty of public disclosure? We do not understand fully the basis of the Senate's ruling on Sec. 2.4. This subsection will help determine whether CJ Corona is morally fit for the position of Chief Justice.

    • GMANetwork: Court disallows presentation of evidence on Corona's Ill Gotten Wealth

    • Philstar: Defense blocks ITR presentation

    jan 24, 2012 Day 5

    We were not able to watch cable TV today since we have classes. But here is a summary of what transpired today.

    • Tatad wants to disqualify Sen. Franklin Drilon
    • Philstar:Prosecution discloses more properties of Corona in Quezon City
    • Philstar: Prosecution told to muster evidence

    • No ill-gotten wealth in Article 2

      Defense panel reiterated that the prosecution failed to include the ill-gotten wealth accusation in the Article 2 of Impeachment.

      Article 2 of Impeachment stated: “Failure to disclose to the public his (Corona) statements of assets and liabilities and networth as required under Section 17, Article XI of the 1987 Constitution.” We ask Cuevas if he knows how to read selectively! Read Sec 2.4.

    • Prosecution gets admonition from Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago.
      The good senator asked both prosecution and defense panels on the total number of witnesses they wanted to present in the entire trial.
      The defense said they have 15 witnesses while the head prosecutor Niel Tupas only shook his head (no answer).
    Sources Summary:
    Philstar: Prosecution told to muster evidence
    Philstar: Prosecution unveils more Corona properties in QC.
    Inquirer: Unprepared prosecution gets dressing down
    jan 23, 2012Trial to resume Tomorrow, Jan 24
    jan 22, 2012Trial to resume on Tuesday, Jan 24
    Suggested Readings:
    jan 21, 2012Trial to resume on Tuesday, Jan 24
    jan 20, 2012
    Trial adjourned for Tuesday

    jan 19, 2012 Day 4

    jan 18, 2012 Day 3

    • Cuevas protest that ill-gotten-wealth not among articles of impeachment The defense panel lawyer states that only non-disclosure of SALN is among the articles of impeachment. But the prosecution panel reminded him that

      2.4. Respondent is likewise suspected and accused of having accumulated ill-gotten wealth, acquiring assets of high values and keeping bank accounts with huge deposits. It has been reported that Respondent has, among others, a 300-sq. meter apartment in a posh Mega World Property development at the Fort in Taguig. Has he reported this, as he is constitutionally-required under Art. XI, Sec. 17 of the Constitution in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)? Is this acquisition sustained and duly supported by his income as a public official? Since his assumption as Associate and subsequently, Chief Justice, has he complied with this duty of public disclosure?

    • SC clerk-of-court finally submit Corona's SALN to Impeachment Court After initial reluctance, the "hostile witness agreed to turn over the Chief Justice SALN, which was with her all the time!

      See more: Philstar: Corona okays SALN submission.

      Tomorrow, we shall hear about the testimonies of Register of Deeds and Assessors of various city of Quezon City, Marikina City, Makati City, Taguig City, Pasay City, and Paranaque City.

    • World bank confirms memo on SC funds! . The problem: when will the World Bank release the official report?

    • Philstar. 12:00am: House team fails to present evidence The first article should be tackled first, about the partiality of Corona towards former president GM Arroyo, but the prosecution panel wanted the second article (failure to file SALN and illegal gotten wealth) to be presented first.

    jan 17, 2012 Day 2

    jan 16, 2012 Day 1

    Have we been fooled?World Bank disowns JRSP report
    Who are the people behind then of the release? Is the information true? Click on
    World Philippines page for latest information.

    The impeachment trial starts with Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile making the opening statement with an exhortation for no delays. Two lady senators were absent, one of which is the fiery lady Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (for high blood pressure) and Sen. Loren Legarda(to attend to her mother's colon cancer operation).

    jan 15, 2012
    jan 14, 2012 Manila Standard, Cecilio Arillo: Corona impeachment is Aquino’s legal quagmire

  • Philstar: SC warned vs meddling in trial!

  • Prosecutors may charge Corona for possession of "ill gotten wealth" even if he donate assets found to be undeclared.

    Corona assets worth P200M
    Corona replies: This is a hoax! We are a family of no ordinary means!

  • Return 8.6 million, WB tells SC

  • Jan 13,2012
    Dec 15, 2011Chief Justice vows to lead fight vs Aquino ‘dictatorship’ Corona declares war on Aquino!
    Dec 14, 2011Corona's speech
    Dec 12,2011A minute-to-minute recording of the momentous political event of the year 2011! How the House impeached Corona in a day
    Dec 6, 2011It started on this day! December 5, 2011. An omen for Chief Justice Corona. High Court says presidential speech disturbing! Aquino lambasts Supreme Court in front of Corona

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