Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where in the world is Janet Lim Napoles?

I sure would like to know where Janet Lim Napoles is. She has gone into hiding after she was charged, not with abetting or committing bribery, graft and corruption but with illegal detention of one relative Benhur Luy.

Mr. Benhur Lu,who was is now a state witness, divulged an amazing massive scam involving the Priority Development Fund (legislators Pork Barrel) , involving 5 senators and 23 congressmen to the funding of ghost projects. Estimates of how much money was involved ran to the tune of as much as P20 billion pesos. Ms. Napoles reportedly got P2.1 billion pesos by channeling the PDAF funds, after legislators got their "pork" , to her ghost Non-government Organizations. Some projects were for supplies of fertilizers, basketball courts, garbage odor mitigation, etc. The mountain of money enabled Napoles daughter to flaunt a life of luxury, and to purchase many cars, and vans supposedly under the name of a corporation (JLN Enterprises)and relatives.

Now, I do not think a lot of senators would like Napoles caught. So many dirty secrets may be spilled in case Napoles talks in a court harming the reputation of senators and congressmen involved.

So where in the world is Janet Napoles? Do you think NBI, Police are exerting so much efforts? They cannot manage even to catch another fugitive from justice, General Palparan. The chances of finding Napoles is virtually nil. But we will be happy if she is caught and happier if Palparan is caught too.

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