Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama turns chicken, gives Russia, Iran and Hezbollah reasons to crow about

In the news, Obama asks permission alone, without any support from the Dept. of Defense, from Congress for military action against the regime in Syria. Although our post's title may be harsh on Obama, it is a reflection that his hands are tied. You see, Obama will act only if he is backed by the UN Security Council and the US Cogress. In fact, let us not forget he was voted by Americans to get out of foreign wars and interventions.

So we can compare Obama with Reagan who is already secure in American history as a strong leader.But although we can say both are products of their age, let us not forget that Obama is the president of the United States. He could indeed order a military strike on his own, a gamble with political rewards and terrible losses if it goes awry.Whatever, let us give time for Obama who is on his last term.

Syria's Assad will not achieve stability for his country. He has proven himself a butcher of his own country. He can fool a lot of people, but not all the time. We hope he will have the decency to step down or face the wrath of the ordinary Syrian people.

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