Thursday, August 29, 2013

US under Obama is not prepared to punish Syria and losing its window of opportunity.

The government of Syria as repeatedly been warned that using chemical or poison gas will be a justification of the US Armed Forces to take an active role in the current Syrian Civil War See Red line warning on chemical weapons That use of chemical weapons as a red line has been made hazy in More options needed.

The past week news on possible chemical weapons delivered by missiles, last August 21 in the rebel held area of Ghouta have made the issues complicated.

1. Obama must act for permission from Congress to initiate miliatary action against military assets of Syria.

2. Further delays in the "punitive action" has enable Syria to scatter its military asses around the country.

3. Russia and China will "automatically" veto any resolution for military intervention.
Come to think of it. These nations may have supplied Syria with the chemical weapons.

4. The Uk parliament has refused to support PM Cameron for a joint strike against Syria.

5. Indications so far has shown the presence of chemical nerve agents in Ghouta, even the sound of approaching missiles were heard but the later explosion were not! Indeed photos of still intact missiles are circulating.

6. The government of Syria has consistently denied the use of chemicl weapons. See

7. UN inspectors did not perform a thorough inspection on the affected areas.

8. Gases may have already dissipated into the atmosphere, rendering inspections useless.

9. The facts that mass deaths did happen in Ghouta or Goutha cannot be ignored!

10. Thorugh their loose mouths, Obama, state department officials are giving Syrian officials enough leeway how to respond more appropriately to the threat of "punishment". But the US is a democratic country and is the world's leadig superpower.
Russia is a "has been" and China is a "pretender". However we shall not forget that there is always a moral dimension in the world's affairs! The element of surprise is gone. We might witness another shock and awe show in our living rooms in full color in large sized screens!

11. hope that the people of Syria will meet a more stabe future, a future without Assad.

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