Monday, May 9, 2011

Aftermath of bin Laden execution, Pakistanis disclose identity of CIA station chief in Pakistan

Is this out of spite?

The successful snatch and killing of Osama bin Laden, the self-acclaimed mastermind of the twin tower bombing by two commandered commercial planes without advance warning to the Pakistani intelligence community may have made some people inside Pakistan orchestrate a disclosure of the CIA station chief in Pakistan. Pakistan though it is harboring KNOWN terrorists without its blessing is a recipient of billions of dollars of military aid from the U.S.This is what the U.S. gets in return for the successful elimination of bin Laden.

The best course of action against this Islamist state is for the U.S. to shift favor to India which suffered a terrorist bombing in Mumbai (Bombay of old) in the recent past. What's irritating is that Pakistan is ignoring appeals of Indian leaders to bring to justice the perpetrators of this cowardly dastardly deed, who are known to hide in Pakistan. In an unbiased view, India is more tolerant of religions (there are Muslims in Indian aspects of life) compared to absence of HInduism in Pakistan. Moreover, India suffered much from Islamic terrorism. The U.S. and India should be closer and not treat Pakistan as favored partner.

Of course due to vagaries of politics, the U.S. is finding it expedient to support Pakistan to help in reigning extreme elements in Afghanistan. But if Pakistan as a country behaves as if it is in cahoots with the extremists(Pakistan suffers too from extremists), there is no cure but for the U.S. to decrease aid spending for Pakistan.

Disclaimer: the blog post is only an exercise for free academic debate.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why not excommunicate boxers ?!!

In a news item the bishop of Marbel whose diocese includes Sarangani, lamented the fact that boxing another person is a like boxing the Holy Spirit!

Also the fact that Pacquiao indulges in his sport while being a congressman is a "conflict of interest" and in fact is the reason of the famous boxer's absence in congress.

So we challenge the good bishop to place an excommunication order over Pacquiao if he is really concerned. Of course medical groups have already weighted in the dangers of boxing in Britain and other countries so he should no feel alone and weighted by the gravity of such action.

On the other hand, we have Pacquiao as a model Filipino who rose from poverty to the top, with dedication to the bloody sport and serious study of the "sweet" science of boxing" inspiring other thick skulled Filipinos to enter the field of boxing, in spite of the fact that you can even die in the ring! like what happened to the late Jangalay, a photo of his falling down on the canvas still haunts this blog author.

The fact is boxing is one of the outlets open to the majority of Filipinos who has remained healthy even if he grows up in a crowded polluted metro. It is actually an indictment on the way the country is run, that Philippines have a reputation for producing good boxers.

Going back to the good bishop, the fact is that blasphemy or sin against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable, so he could issue an obvious nonpopular excommunication order not specifically on Pacquiao but to all boxers. and while he is doing it, he should also excommunicate bull fighters,which is a more bloody spectator sport. Will the good bishop do it?