Sunday, October 21, 2012

When will the Philippine allow divorce?

Till death do as part, two people in love promise each other during their marriage. Yet time may find one or both parties unhappy with each other, or one of the parties may descend into alcoholism, workholicism, gambling, spousal abuse, kids abuse and other signs of unhappy marriage.

The Philippines has the singular[1] distinction of being the only country left of honor of not allowing divorce although its Muslim citizens are allowed divorce!. It is surprising that France, Italy, Spain and Ireland, predominantly Catholic countries do allow divorce. What prevents the Philippines from having a law to allow divorce? Why, in the Philippines, rich husbands have mistressees! and wives are known to have paramours or lovers.

Married couples do have the remedy of annulment if their marriage is falling apart, i.e., they fell out of love, but it would be much better if divorce is allowed.

There is no reason to continue without a divorce bill, let us give couples with failing marriages an escape clause to start their lives all over again. It is not only the poor citizens but even Senators![3].

Reference 2 gives a good overview on divorce.


[1] The Vatican is considered a sovereign city-state inside Italy!

[2] Wikipedia article on divoce.

[3] Philipine senators with marriage on the rocks.

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  1. It will be very difficult with the predominantly Catholic country and the church's strong influence in politics.