Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unwanted influence in the Padaca case: Did Noy forget he is president of the Philippines?

I am still a fan of Grace Padaca, and I believed she won fair and square in the past elections for congressman.

Still I am flummoxed by Noy Aquino's gesture of paying the P70,000 bail on graft charges against Padaca who was recently installed as a Comelec commisioner. Noy Aquino is not just an ordinary citizen, he is the president of the Philippines. He should have let the courts decide on the merits of the case against Grace. Ah, did the successful impeachment drive against former Chief Justice Corona gone to the Predident's head?

The charges against Grace Padaca stemmed from an alleged granting of a P25-million hybrid rice project to a non-government organization without public bidding.See Ref. 1.

I don not feel good about this. Something does not smell good. It is not a fishy smell however. And we cannot suggest an alternative course of action. Shall we just let His Exellency go unscath on this matter?

Did the successful impeachment of former Supreme Court justice Corona gone to the President's head?

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