Saturday, October 6, 2012

Internal dissent may lead to Iranian leaders downfall

The harsh economic sanctions may have a telling effect on Iran after all, with the Iranian rial losing 40 % of its value recently, but we know that totalitarian states may live long. Consider North Korea.But unlike North Korea, Iran is a not an atheist state. Iran traded with the rest of the world unlike North Korea which was virtually hermetically sealed against outside forces.

Signs of panic buying are around in Iran, with some people buying rice for a WHOLE year! Iran depended so much on oil exports that it failed to strengthen its domestic economy.

This might force leaders to change their hardline stance regarding nuclear power development. On the other hand, it is a distant possibility that this will force the leaders to intstitute illogivcal draconian measures to the extent of impoverishing or bringing famime to the Iranian people.

We hope not, and Israel can breath a sigh of relief that Irans main enemy is itself and does not have to strike deep into Tehran to destroy nuclear reactors.

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