Monday, October 8, 2012

UST Varsitariian does not speak for ALL UST students regarding RH bill

Please refer to the current editorial in Varsitarian,net: RH bill, Ateneo, and La Salle: Of lemons and cowards., which purports to display the official stand of the UST student and administration of UST regarding the Reproductive Health Act.

Who says religious fanaticism can be found in Muslim counties only? The Varsitarian, the official organ of the student body or the University of the Philippines, has lambasted professors of Lasalle and Ateneo for not kowtowing or blindly follwing the official stand of the Catholic bishops on the RH bill.

We are simply amazed and shocked at the stand of UST's official paper. We suspect that the editorial piece was written not by a student but by someone from the administration of UST. Regardsless who the suthor is, the piece smacks of mindless devotion and intolerance.

We call on the Varsitarian to offer a public apology.

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