Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time to do away with the partylist system!

At this point in time, we can say that not only is the party list system proven unnecessary, but is an added public expense with non-zero accounting. Some of the sitting representatives of partylists are confirmed millionaires and do not even belong to the party list they represent like security guards. Worse, there are cases of OVER REPRESENTATION like the Ako Bicol case. From our reference 1(Inquirer):

The Comelec pointed out Ako Bicol’s expressed objective was to uplift and represent Bicolanos, who already are well represented in Congress.

“If this commission were to allow Ako Bicol’s continued participation in the party-list system, this commission is condoning the continued and blatant violation of the proportional representation of ‘provinces, cities and Metropolitan Manila in accordance with the number of their inhabitants, and on the basis of a uniform ad progressive ratio,’” the Comelec said.

Let us stop making Congress a monster. The party list system, which was enacted in 1995 under RA 7941 must go!

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