Sunday, March 3, 2013

Has our beloved President Noy became a stooge of Malaysia?

The Philippines has long suffered from national leadership which lacks moral courage and vision. It has suffered from presidents who have succumb to greed and avarice or kleptomancy.

So it is a shock to me that yesterday's newspapers were screaming that Pres. Aquino has warned the Sultan of Sulu to have his followers get away from Sabah, [surrender now, without conditions!], the same wishes of Malaysia leaders.

President Noy should offer words of condolences to the dead of the Sultan's side and Malaysia's police forces. Malaysia cannot ignore the fact that it is paying "RENT" to the Sulu sultanate for the continued occupation of SABAH.

This only shows that the Philippine leadership is ill prepared. Not only that, the Philippine militarily is ill prepared! President Aquino should remind himself in the mirror that he is not only president of the Christian majority of Filipinos but he is also the president of and for the proud minority peoples of Sulu. For too long the Philippines has ignored the Jolo sultanate or made tragic decisions, like the massacre of Jabidah trainees. It is time, we need an assertive, selfless national leadership.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How Cynthia Villar looks at our nurses.

This image tells all, but we will expound on it further maybe. Image from Facebook.

She treats nurses like Roman slaves. Does the Philippines need more people in her mold?