Saturday, June 29, 2013

The deafening silence on the effects of depleted uranium and white phosphorus munitions on Iraq children

I saw the grotesque photos of birth defects to the children of Iraq and I am amazed that nothing is found in the mainstream press. I hope that an organization will take up the cudgels in exposing and assigning blame and demanding just compensation for the nightmares the supposed depleted uranium munitions from US military operations has given these poor children.

Here is just ONE photo of the supposed effects of depleted uranium (there is still a nonzero dose of radiation!)and white phosphorus.


Worse or ore disturbing images can be viewed from Karlos Zurutuza on Iraq unfolding medical nightmare

More research on this!

July 5, 2013. claims that some photos were of deformed babies born
in the Soviet Union! The article also claims that groups against nuclear power and weapons are behind this scare of the effects of depeleted uranium.

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