Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turkey retaliates against Syria shelling across borders!

Syrian government forces might be foolish to shell refugees across Turkey. Such acts can be a valid license for Turkey to shell back government forces fighting refugees who regularly cross the borders.

See Turkish artillery targets Syria

This is a worrisome development but if it hastens a change in government in Syria, with Bashar Assad stepping down, this might be more "acceptable" than having more thousands of dead Sytians and a few Turks.

We call on Bashar to affect a peaceful transition. Am sure that other countries would offer him exile, like the USSR and China. He has crossed the line and his options are shrinking. He needs to think of his future in Syrian history, as right now, he might find it difficult to remove the the man who destroyed Syria. Such dishonor will live longer when the younger Assad is long dead.

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