Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obama has spoken: Libya's Muammar Gadaffi has to go!

It is difficult to be a superpower today as the U.S. of A is, when other nations has outstripped it spectacularly in terms of growth in almost all good indicators.

Obama, the president of the US of A has already made a pronouncement: the 42 year reign of the dicator Col. Muammar Gaddafi has to end. You can be sure that whereas before, the USA can make the decision alone, this time it has to consult its western europe allies and other friends (including Philippines, we hope???!). Even the U.N. has gotten into the act by slapping sanctions against Libya.

Of course, from our nationalists point of view, this is just a world domination of a first world country. But lets face the facts: a lot of our people are working abroad because of failed or even absent local policies. With a high population growth rate, the Philippines is at the mercy of world events.

We take this opportunity to praise an unnamed French construction company for successfully sending home its Filipino workers back home to the Philippines safe and sound. We hope the crisis in Libya will end and the hardworking workers will have the chance to go back and earn precious money to feed growing families.

Chaddafi has done a lot to improve the lives of his countrymen, but he has ruled for so long!
Rememeber the saying "Event the Greeks get tired of the best!".

We hope Chaddafi listens, not because the US of A tells him to but to prevent futher bloodshed and violent suffering on his countrymen.

A foreign military overthrow is out of the question, such event may trigger terrorism in scattered Islamic countries.

And we hope extremists in Libya , who have kept quiet, will not gain the fruits of the people's revolution.

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  1. Eh! Obama finally spoke. The WH's excuse for his delay was due to scheduling problems. What a loser! The world is falling apart, the US economy is crumbling and Obama is concerned about labor unions' foothold on power! Yech! Let the Philippines govern without a Democratic US president's influence. It's Carter all over again.

  2. Seems you want a John Wanye type to be president of the U.S.A.