Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Obama dilemma. Shall the U.S. intervene or not?

The recent violent response of government authoritis in Libya has magnified the repercussions of the personal behavior of Gaddafi. He has reportedly threatened to sabotage oil installations in the country and to bring force, even using machine guns! to quell the demonstrations in Benghaszi sad even in the capital of Tripoli.Dead bodies are scattered in the streets and the whole Libyan scene is that of disarray.

Obama, as the president of the most powerful country in the world is in a quandarry. Shall he intervence or not in the affairs of the country? The past history showed that the U.S. will not shy away from confrontation with Libya. Witness the Gulf of Sidra affair where aircraft of the U.S Navay doffighted with aircraft from Libya over the safe passage in international waters near the Libyan coast. The best course of action is to consult with the Western Allies, making sure that current events in Libya will not lead to more catastrophic disruptions and greater sufferings of the Libyan people.

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