Saturday, November 3, 2012

Negros Occidental Governor pushes for Coal fired power plant in Cadiz City

The governor of Negros Occidental, the Honorable Alfredo Marañon Jr. has given advise to the local officials of Cadiz City to go on with the proposed coal-fired power plant to be sited in the City.

Yet, this is the same power plant proposed in Pulupandan and Bago but which did not push through due to the organized opposition of environmentalists some of whom are residents of the area and have experience living besides a coal fired power plant of the Asian Alcohol Corporation when it was still operational.

The governor claims that power plants in Iloilo and Cebu have environmental controls explaining why people in those places have not voiced any complaint regarding health and pollution issues. He further added that oppositors to the project were talking without any facts or basis. See [Ref 3].

Yet it has been observed that the number of dolphins have decreased in the Tañon strait near the coal fired plant in Toledo, Cebu. [Ref. 2]

The governor emphasized the importance of stable power.

It is to be noted that the project for the coal fired power plant has been approved by Pres. Benigno Aquino III and Vice president Jejomar Binay.
Target date for completion is year 2014!

No one can argue against the fact that burning coal is the dirtiest, most carbon intensive of all fossil fuels one of the leading contributors to climate change.


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