Friday, October 7, 2011

Spratly is nearest to the Philippines

Here is Google Earth's map of the Spratly and the countries surrounding the islands group. Clearly the Philippines can lay claim to it based on nearness to the area (from Palawan). The islands are between the words Spratly and Islands.

More, we believe it is part of the Philippines as historically it is occupied by Filipinos after Captain Cloma laid claim to the islands. Marcos had the selfish reaction of having him incarcerated instead and should be relegated in the footnotes of Philippine history future generations.

Unfortunately our political leaders do not have the guts to run this country free from corruption as politics is used as a tool for personal wealth accumulation! It is a pity to see the philippines behave like a rich beggar in the world stage. We should be militarily strong as the Philippines may not have someone to turn to. Alas it may be overrun by the events in the future.

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