Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inglorious end in a cold freezer for a dictator

We cannot believe that former conservative audiences will want to view the corpse of Mummar
Gaddafy, the colonel who ruled with an iron fist in Libya. Even the 24 hour rule of burying a dead
Muslim is not being followed. And the circumstances of his death! Local newspapers tried outdo
each other in presenting gory images of the mob surrounding Gaddafy and the bloodied body of
Gaddafy. Videos of the shooting (but not showing who pulled the trigger) were even available for
viewing in Muslim countries.

Here is the latest photo of what where the body of Gaddafy is now. It is stored in a supermarket freezer!
and the Libyan public can view the dead body with gauze mask to hide the decaying odor.

We hope that Gaddafy's soul will not be greeted by 40 virgins in his idea of heaven.

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