Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is there an Internet "journalism" war over Raissa Robles damning revelations about Corona?

It is good that Raissa Robles, with the help of crowdsourcing, derided by the more senior Ninez Cacho Olivares as "rumor mills", was able to come out with the information that Corona's daughter solely owns a property in the state of California, USA. Chief Justice Corona, now labeled as TJ Corona (??!), firstly asserted that his family 101% does not own any property in the USA. Now he has came out admitting that his daughter, not him and his wife, indeed owns property in the USA. So Corona told a white lie, but a lie nonetheless. It would be 100% true if he has disowned his daughter.

If TJ Corona, was a public official in Europe, Japan or the USA, he would be forced to resign, but unlike these places which put a premium on the integrity of their officials( A german minister resigned over receiving FREE Airline tickets!), the Philippines is cursed of Lakasan(erring lowly govt employees get punished! while alleged crimes of high officials get ignored or even praised).

I came across the blog Danger Signs and I am amazed at the tone of the authors and commenters. There are others but I am presenting a list of articles to provide our own readers with informed opinion.

  • RAISSA ROBLES STRENGTHENS CORONA DEFENSE! the gist of the article is that, yes, Corona's daughter work as a physical therapist enabled her to buy real estate property in california and the Philippines!

  • ABS-CBN News positions hearsay ‘report’ from Raissa Robles as top headline, is generally dismissive of Raissa's post as 'hearsay', and non-objective.We can sense that the author did not read Raissa's original blog piece, since the allegations that the CJ owns properties there were not made by Raissa.

  • Raissa Robles shoplifting allegations, this makes the libelous insinuation that raissa and other journalists, Conrado de Quiros, Ted Failon, Rene Saguisag, Willie Esposo, are biased in favour — perhaps even under the payroll — of the ruling Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan!

    But it also blurted out that Raissa is a kleptomaniac and was once caught shoplifting! Interesting, where is the published news item about this? If this is untrue, the blog is resorting to black propaganda.

Enough at the moment, we will be back!!

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