Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two developments showing Corona is very unfit to be Chief Justice.

The first item is explosive article that Corona embellished his resume, especially on getting awards in his educational background.

This shows the exttent of sheer dishonesty of Renato Corona to get what he wants, by resorting to lies and fantasy, about his supposed academic honors during his grade school up to law school years in Ateneo.

For full details, please click on Corona lied about academic honors?

Hey a lot of prospective employees, including public officials abroad get caught and are kicked out of institutions, including a Thai minister who said he obtained a degree in some Republic School.

The second item bordering on disgust, is Cuevas of the defense panel claiming it was NOT Renato Corona who prepared his SALN reports. Really, the impeachment court hearings have shown Corona to be a self-centered person intent on magnifying his own wealth by claiming so much allowances and emoluments. Corona is simply responsible for the preparation of his SALN no matter who performs it. He is simply evading responsibility on so an important document, a document established by taxing offices precisely to avoid graft and corruption, and obtaining illegal gotten wealth.

Corona has no more integrity and has been exposed indirectly by even his disarming defense panel( if you think Cuevas is cute) and a parade of witnesses.

It is time for him to resign before the people gets tired of the devious legal means (like having secret dollar bank accounts.)

We dare the impeachment court to open even without the permission of Corona, since the bank secrecy laws apply only to foreigners. Do the impeachment court believe that Corona is a foreigner? The world wonders!

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