Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raissa Robles article getting a lot of fans and heat.

I posted a comment on Negros Bloggers and found out that it kept getting mysteriously erased.

Firstly, in Raissa's blog article, Does Renato C. Corona have a clone living in the US?, nowhere she stated that Corona owns the properties in Florida nad California.

Unfortunately, this disclaimer may not be read by other people resulting in stupid allegations that Raissa claimed Corona owns these properties!

Instead, she was struck by the more than passing coincidences of the name of the chief justice associated with the real estate propertyies.

Already there are 1,118 comments posted under Raissa's article. And wonderful!, readers are now forthcoming with information in the freer United States.

Now we have the spectacle of the defense panel made to look like lying fool(s),when they claimed that it was just a namesake. However CJ Renato Corona VERIFIED that he is the Corona alluded to in the article! But he denied that he or his family owns the aforementioned properties.

Again, lets cool off and wait for further developments. Already there is tantalizing information coming out that yes, one Charina Corona Corona Salgado owns a Roseville California property. If indeed she is the Chief Justice daughter, and the information is doubly verified, we have a dammning proof that CJ is a lying chief justice.

One commenter in Negros Bloggers commented that Raissa wrote with malice. I dare say that Malice is in the eye of the reader. We should be informed of the TRUE and BLUE character of CJ Corona, a man not for others (as Ateneo grads are said to be) but a man for himself and family.

Note: May 18, 2012, a certain commenter Risa Rubbles replied to our blog post, but a quick check in the Internet showed that it is the same he/she wrote as a comment to the globalbalita.


  1. Sa mga detractors ko..

    ang sakit nyo magparatang.. this is not what i deserve for ferreting out the truth. i'm doing this for the love of country. ano magagawa ko. i was given evidence, and i have the responsibility to let the people know.

    i hope people know how to think critically. ask questions. insinuate whether CJ used a dummy through charina. was she really capable of buying two properties in a month time? sige nga..marunong ba kayo mag-isip? ang hirap kasi sa pilipino utak tuta, mga loyalista, mga bayaran ng mga corona at arroyo.

    ang dapat isukli nyo sa akin, papuri, palakpak, katanyagan, pera. ito ang matagal ko nang pinapangarap. wag nga kayong crab mentality. kung kayo walang pangarap sa buhay. maupo na lang kayo magdamag sa harap ng internet at mag comment sa mga issue. mind your own business.

    i graduated magna cum laude at hindi ako bababa sa level nyo. you are bunches of cheap people..

    may your minds be enlightened as the truth will set you free..


  2. I am surprised! I just read this reply today, but since it is Risa Rubbles and not Raissa Robles,this looks like a farcical flame bait.
    I dont think Raissa will mention loudly that she graduated Magna Cum Loude.

    I pass the oppurtunity in praising to high heavens Risa Rubbles and continue punching at the wind, as the Man from La Mancha did quixotically. Whoever wrote under the name Risa Rubbles, feel free to add humor with wit to our blog. I appreciate that if it adds to the readership of this sometimes (Yes!) empty air blog.