Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Incredible Statements and comments in the Impeachment trial

  • Deed of sale notarized by SGV lawyer, says Corona wife.

    So what? The important thing is that the notary public must be qualified by the city.
    It is also strange that the notary public is in Makati whereas the transaction was done in Marikina (deed of sale).

    So what if the lawyer, Beth Montoya is an SGV lawyer??! Does that automatically empower her to notarize a document? Or cloak her with special aura of prestige to perform a notary public function?

    Heaven and earth may fade away but NOTHING will erase the fact that the notarization, witnessed himself by the great Chief Justice Corona was not BINDING! In other words the document should be thrown in the trash can!

  • "Sraightforward" replies of Vicente was "proof that he was telling the truth" says Corona lawyers, one of them T. Salvador. Added the latter:

    One can tell if he was telling the truth with the way he testified. (Vicente) was there for some time and he was consistent with his testimony. He knows the documents involved and even guided the lawyers to identify those."

    So facetious these defense lawyers are. In a trial, documents take precedence over oral statements.

    Only stupid people can accept these statement from the defense panel without thinking. One telling information which came to light is that Vicente is a second cousin of Corona, the Chief Justice who is on trial. The fact that it was the prosecution discovering this tells a lot about the legal IQ of the defense team.

  • Corona's vow: "Whether or not there was a TRO from the Supreme Court, I said I will open it in due time and the due time is next week. I have always said there is no problem with my dollar deposits because I can explain it.", (interview over dzBB on March 7 as printed in the March 15 issue of the Phil. Daily Inquirer, p. A.10

    His words does NOT carry weight, so telling of his credibility. Let's read what Cuevas response was:

    Cuevas , however feigned ignorance , saying that he"may be asleep or elsewhere" when the Chief Justice issued this assurance.

    Wow, the client speaks, the lawyer disagrees. Really the defense has feigned enough! This is a ploy to confuse the impeachment court, prosecution panel and the General Public.

Enough rants for now ......

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