Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who is afraid of the Honorable Senator Miriam Santiago?

The lady senator said in public that no public discussion pertaining to the trial be allowed during the lull of the impeachement hearings which will resume in May 7.

Surveys on Corona were a “slap on the face” of senator-judges,
warning that those behind the surveys could be cited for indirect contempt by the impeachment court when the trial resumes on May 7.

“Don’t push the envelope too far because I might react because to me, this is really sacrilege,” surveys are very destructive.” Releasing surveys in the middle of a trial was a “blatant attempt to influence the mind of the judge,”

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines released the result of a survey on Monday which was meant to gauge the students’ interest in and appreciation of the impeachment proceedings against Corona.

SCAP insists that its survey does not violate the “sub judice” rule, and said survey exercise is protected by the Constitution.
It emphasizes that SCAP is not a party to the Impeachment case of the Chief Justice.

Here is a rundown for the percentage of students showing distrust for Corona:

Percentage of Student Population
School Distrusts CoronaBelieves Corona not fit to remain
ADMU(Ateneo de Manila)41 45
AdDU(Adamson University) 78.3 76.7
TSU(Tarlac State University) 75.4 76.8
DLSU(De la Salle) 69.3 63

From a previous poll, seventyfour (74%) of students at the state University of the Philippines distrusts Corona.

For the complete story please click on Inquirer.net: Students stand by poll, "We are not afraid of Miriam Santiago".

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