Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who says Corona does not know how to play a trial by publicity?

philstar: CJ bares term-share offer

Who says Chief Justice Corona does not know how to play a trial by publicity?
Sometime last year, Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III and Corona met at the latter's father's house for lunch. In it, the senator proposed to Corona a term sharing scheme with associate Justice Antonio Carpio, a proposal which Corona declined.

ADDED March 9, 2012 10:19AM

Corona: I rebuffed Aquino bid for truth body


Chief Justice Renato Corona on Thursday said President Benigno Aquino III discussed with him shortly after his inaugural a plan to set up the Philippine Truth Commission, but that he told the latter if he had evidence against wrongdoing this should be pursued by the judiciary in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

There you have it. He does not acknowledge that the president Noy was in the best position to stamp out corruption. Instead, Corona proposes that it should be the judiciary who should be pursuing???! any leads. First of all the judiciary is not a prosecuting organization. It can only hold trials, not initiate investigations or probes into corrution. Score a -10 for Corona on this one. Further the judiciary itself is not so clean when it comes to bribery and corruption (the sentiment of poor people who cannot afford legal services). Corona badly missed on this opportunity!

What is the meaning of this sudden volubility of CJ Corona? and the purpose of divulging publicly to radio stations a supposedly private meeting and that he rebuffed the president about setting up a truth commision? Now, who says CJ Corona does not know how to play the game of trial by publicity, a charge he and his defense panel leveled at the prosecution pan

We would be happy if Corona will appear next week in the impeachment trial. But we remind the prosecution panel to be ready with probing questions for Corona.

We will update this post with more public pronouncements from CJ Corona. We hope he does not act like a cornered rat to be pounced on by a CAT.

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