Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why only now? Corona wonders??

Click on Why only now? These are old issues.

Indeed why only now? On those times, Corona was powerful, a Malacanang insider and now the Chief Justice of teh Supreme Court!

Futher, a defense lawyer, Tranquil Salvador claims:

Esguerra insisted that Corona’s wife, Cristina, was “virtually the owner” of BGEI when a transaction between the company and the city government of Manila was made.
“Who was the controlling (party) during that time? You better check it out. The way I look at it, (Cristina) was the virtual owner of BGEI(Basa Guidote Enterprises,” he said.

Really? Corona defense' people are so cute. They only focus on the best picture for their client (Corona couple).

How did Corona's wife got to control a family controlled corporation? And how come it was she (as news imply) that the corporation building and lot was sold to the city of Manila to the tune of 30 plus million ?

Why only now? The Basas have stopped fearing the Coronas that's why! Hoefully, the impeachment trial is showing what the Court Justice is made of.

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