Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is Ninez Cacho Olivarez an unhappy traditional journalist?

This blogger believes that Mrs. Olivares is simply envious of the success of Raissa Robles.

Ninez dismisses "crowd sourcing" as a rumor factory, ignoring the fact that CORONA already VERIFIED that his DAUGHTER has bought a property in the USA. Corona has made a white lie, claiming that his family, "we" referred only to him and his wife, have no properties in the USA. A white lie is still a lie. Further, Raissa only emphasized that the name Renato Corona appeared in public records about two US properties mentioned in Raissa's blog.

Ninez claims that Raissa is not a true journalist alleging that she cannot hold her own on the local media industry.

"""The blogger who credits herself to be a journalist for a Hong Kong and a European outfit, which makes one wonder why she can’t hold her own in the local media industry,...

Raissa turn gets a supply of fresh gossip to keep her blog of falsehoods going and at the same time the blog feeds that she gets from MalacaƱang is a good source of more rumors to circulate among the personnel in the foreign publications she works with, which all would not bother to check on whether or not the stories she provides are factual.

That was published March 27. Here is the latest March 28, "Non stop demonization" opinion of Ninez.

...certainly was malicious of the blogger, Raissa Robles, to intimate that Charina bought the US property just 22 days before she bought the McKinley property in the Fort for some P6 million.

She doesn’t even know the daughters of the CJ. What business is it of Robles to insinuate that Charina could not have possibly afford to buy two properties within a space of 22 days, if not to make people assume that the properties, both in the US and in Taguig, really belong to the CJ, and that Charina is his dummy?

What makes this blogger think that Charina is an impoverished daughter who can’t afford to buy a property in California, and another in the Fort, whether in 22 days or two years time? Does she even know how the California property was bought and at a time of the US’ mortgage crisis?

What does she know of Charina’s background and her earnings and savings, for this blogger to portray Charina as not having the means with which to pay for her properties?

And why even come up with that claim of her husband having issued a waiver, making Charina the sole owner of the California property, if not to again insinuate that she is the CJ’s dummy?

Ninez simply is losing her mind. She need to rest, reflect and be sorry for her attacks on Raissa. We dont know if Ninez has a personal agenda against fellow "journalists", but her statements about Raissa borders on plain envy, and is just being KSP.

For the full statements of Ninez, please click on tribune.net.ph. The site does not have a direct link to her opinions, so you have to click on COMMENTARY field. The site really has no convenient navigation system. Good luck looking for the full statements.

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