Monday, March 26, 2012

Is the Basa-Guidote money In the dollar account of Corona?

I remember something that 700,000 US dollars is in the super secret account of Corona. In 2008, the dollar rate was about 43.00 pesos to the dollar. so the equivalent in dollars of the BGEI milli784,090on pesos is 34.7* 10^6 /42 = 81078571 U
S$.. Therefore it is not a surprise that 700,000 USD may be stored in the bank(s).

We may get to the heart of the matter at the resumption on May 7 hearing that from all indications so far, especially the fact that the city of Manila under the mayor at that time Lito Atienza gave Mrs Corona 34.5 million pesos in trust of BGEI, We can now surmise that the dollar accounts hold the bulk of BGEI.

But this is just one speculative possibility.
AMLA should move in the month of April to get to the bottom of the dollar account including all transactions.

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