Monday, March 5, 2012

Congressman Iggy's body finally in Bacolod City for wake

It is good that the women in the late Congressman Jose Arroyo, for the third district of Negros Occidental finally banded together at least for this event to finally bring home the body for viewing in Bacolod City.

Per wishes of the Congressman, the burial will be at the North Cemetery where his and his former FG (still alive) brother's parents were buried.

It put to an end a sad short chapter to the life of a politician whose claim to fame is to bail out his brother from scandals.

Contrast this with the plasticised body of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos which lie still in Batac town for morbid viewing by curiosity visitors. Marcos who could have lead the country to greater glories, thought more of satiating his and his family wants over the needs of the Filipino people, in start contrast to South Korea's Park Chung Hee, Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Taiwan's Chang Kai-Shek.
Unfortunately FM descendants wants a state-hero burial for FM, which does not bring cheer to the victims and their heirs of the martial law era.

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