Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Janet Napoles surrenders to Pres. Aquino. what now?

Astounding news:Inquirer newsinfo

According to the presidential spokesman,Edwin Lacierda, the fugitive Janet Napoles who is wanted on charges of serious illegal detention arising from the alleged kidnapping of Benhur Luy, surrendered to President Aquino, atCamp Crame, at 9:37 pm last night august 28, 2013. Here is the first source, the Philippine Official Gazette!, to break the story:

Philippine Official Gazette.

This, in less that a day, after Pres. Aquino , offered a P10,000,000 bounty on the whereabouts of Janet Napoles and warned those harboring the infamous fugitive will be charged with obstruction of justice.


Image published by Sunstar. (reprinted in the public interest).

People made jokes that Janet was hiding all along in Malacanang and Pnoy, as the president is nicknamed, will now pocket the P10,0000,000.00 reward.

This is an interesting development, and will provide an escape for the Filipino people reeling from typhoons, storms, graft and corruption and misspent taxes. Janet may have wished to live longer, as powerful politicians, who were linked to the PDAF scam, will find their names dragged down in the the dregs of Philippine history.

Napoles may have wanted to turn state witness before she is charged with graft and corruption. A very crafty woman, her surrender may bring troubles to Pres.Auquino if not properly handled!

Meanwhile, Senators Enrile and other senators may see their reputation tarnished and their excellent "performance" in the Corona impeachment trial will dim and be forgotten. It is interesting what they will say to defend their "honor". Consider this image from Facebook about Sen. Ramon Revilla, courtesy of Modina vince Carbon.

If this happened in Japan, some of the officials will commit the honorable way out of committing the ritual of hara-kiri.

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