Monday, February 6, 2012

Tremors rock Negros Island

I have set the times now in the iPad Quake program. Hopefully the figures are now correct.

A series of tremors rocked Negros Island today, resulting in the deaths to at least 40 or more people. The tremors also caused cracks in numerous buildings. The number of fatalities is expected to rise. Here is our quakes program cut out of the epicenters of the earthquakes.

Here are the times(local Manila) and magnitudes, depth and distance
DateTime(Local)MagnitudeDepth Distance
Feb 611:40:19AMM5.236.5km576km
Feb 66:33:37AMM5.815.1km581km
Feb 65:10:24AMM6.015km574km
Feb 5 11:20:03PMM5.634.6km560km
Feb 5 11:03:28PM M4.834.8km 582km
Feb 5 10:49:16PMM6.846.6km573km

Here are some photos, from Facebook and shared publicly!

Updated: here is a publicly available album (also in fAcebook:
Fanatics Club

Latest news: 48 dead, 92 missing in Negros quake--Army

Photos from around the world.

  1. Cracks in the streets of Guilhulngan.
  2. Malobolo Bridge, Vallehermoso
  3. Guilhulngan/La Libertad
  4. Tayasan
  5. Guilhulngan

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