Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dangerous Times: Senate summons Chief Justice, who must appear within ten days.

The blaring headlines for December 15 are getting uncomfortable.

Senate has summoned the CJ for questioning
about the Articles of Impeachment!

These dangerous developments will make for an uneasy Christmas and worse will result in paralysis of the the whole judicial-legislative-executive branches of government!

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice is weakly resorting to innuendos that President B. Aquino is creating a dictatorship..

We are perturbed more by the latter news item. This is unseemly for a Chief Justice to say.
The only way out will be for CJ Corona to resign. His appointment was unconstitutional in the first place, but because of the prohibition in the Contstitution about the midnight appointment rule. Added to the fact that he was a fomer chief of staff of the appointing president at the time, he should have the decency to resign. At worst, history has proven that his series of decisions proves strong that he
was the head of a protection racket of the previous president. Read Sen. Franklin Drilon list of decisions which showed the partiality of the court packed appointments of the previous president.

He has dirtied the SC for his blind loyalty to his patron, the former president GMA who I suspect probably (in my nightmare) is laughing out loud.

I think Hon. Merceditas Gutierrez did the right thing by resigning. She has sat on many corruption cases.

Let us give the benefit of the doubt to his Honor, but the honorable thing to do is to resign. Resign with honor.

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