Thursday, December 15, 2011

The President, SC, Legislature needs a crash course in Ethics!

This first appeared as my FB status!

The people who needs a crash course on Ethics, from time to time, badly are the President, Chief Justice and the Senators and Congressmen. This brouhaha should not have started if Madame GMA did not appoint a man RC who was

Chief of Staff
Executive Secretary

as her choice for Supreme Court Chief Justice. It is obvious that there is conflict of interest at the start unless you are so blind.

What is sad is that the Chief Justice built an image of the SC as a protection racket for the grafters and corrupters in the GMA administration in cahoots with the Ombudsman under MG, a very familiar person to the First Family.

Now the SC is under much closer scrutiny and should be more cicumspect and avoid senselessly charging with libel people who dare explore its hidden chambers.(Shadow of doubt: Probing the Supreme Court).

Merry Christmas everyone, lets party and lets us BEHAVE. Who needs a course in Ethics??! everyone.

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