Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Justice who got away.

I only knew, today, an honorable Justice of the Supreme Court involved in the plagiarism case, a case where the SC court embarassed itself by issuing a contempt of court to the U.P. Law faculty has actually a pending impeachment case in Congress.

According to the news, the Congress committee handling the case is running out of time and may be forced to drop the case.

Practical considerations may justify this development, but we also ask the Honorable Congressmen to expedite any work, not only in legislative work, but also in impeachment cases, which Congress must initiate as enshrined in the Constitution.

We need to know quickly the truth of the matter, a cloud of doubt is enveloping on the Justice concerned. A stigma has been attached, which can only be removed if the said Justice is declared innocent of this silly but serious crime of plagiarism.

We want our august members of the Supreme Court to be beyond reproach and as a first measure restore the credibility and honor of any Justice put under a cloud of impropriety.

We suggest that this be tackled after CJ Corona case.

Futher reading:

1. House abandons Justice case

2. GMANetwork: SC clears fellow Justice in plagiarism case

The Supreme Court has absolved a member of the bench who was accused of plagiarizing portions of a controversial ruling on World War II comfort women, explaining that the attributions of the allegedly plagiarized material were merely “accidentally deleted" by a court researcher! Who the court researcher was, was not divulged. We should have a notarized oath that such silly mistake was done.

The ponente of the above decision was not divulged.

3. Wikipedia entry It is amazing that Wikipedia is publishing an article about persons of importance in its pages. This should be a further incentive for politicians, judges and even the President to be circumspect on their performance. The future generations will have the resources to know what happened!

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