Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why it had come to this?

Following the oral outburst of President Noy about the Supreme Court, the political blogging world is ablaze with endless analysis and hypotheses.

People are asking if the Supreme Court can charge the President of the Republic of the Philippines with contempt of court.

For the record, the SC has cited the U.P. Law faculty with contempt for its comments on one of its esteemed members, the very Honorable Del Castillo, involved in a "plagiarism" case.

Some of the comments in this "hot" event.

- Pres. Noy is resorting to "mob" rule and "popularity" for not getting what he wants.

- Why would the Supreme Court cite anyone, least of all the President for contempt for the comments he made? It should be defending that right! Unless he SC is filled with corrupt and inept judges, it should champion freedom of speech!

This is what we get when there is no delicadeza in the Supreme court. This would not come to a head if GMA did not appoint her FORMER chief of staff to the highest position. Utang na loob rules the day.

The onus is on the SC not Noy to prove the welfare and morals of the nation are foremost in their minds, and not the welfare of the previous president.

How can you stamp out corruption when the SC has given protection to former govt. heads with the lame excuse of "executive privelege"? The SC has in effect legalized corruption!

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