Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cuevas got a dressing down ?!

From a previous article , and now this ! Cuevas forced to deny Inquirer story! , we now have poor(in the sense of plight) and old (in reference to age only but not to the still sharp mental faculty) Cuevas forced to lie by denying publicly the early report.

It only adds credence to the original Inquirer story, that Malacanang sent an emissary to Cuevas with a message to resign from Corona's defense panel in return for a dismissed Nbi director to be reinstated.

The fault of Cuevas is that he belongs to a powerful religious group and he dragged the name of his groupm in the interview with the Inquirer. In fact based on the most recent Inquirer story, he has to go to his group headquarters and we can surmise secondhandly, that he got a dressing down from his group's higher officials.

I am beginning to like the man, Serafin Cuevas.

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