Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who is Tatad to approach a Senator of the Impeachment Panel?

From the following news item,

Philstar: Prosecution unveils more Corona properties in QC we have this strange entry that

Tatad wants Drilon inhibition

Meanwhile, former Senator Kit Tatad wanted Senator-Judge Franklin Drilon to be disqualified in the roster of judges in the impeachment proceedings against Corona.

At a break during a proceeding today, Tatad approached Drilon and asked him to resign if he can't help but "assist" the prosecution panel.

The former senator also wanted Drilon to be disqualified from the roaster of judges for being "bias" in favor of the prosecution.

Wow! This from the man who was the spokesman of the Marcos dictatorship who declared the existence of martial law across the country!!
Why doesn't he tell other senators showing partiality to the defense panel?

Tatad should be cited for contempt for approaching a member of the Impeachment Panel. He has no legal personality to do so!

Remember folks, if not for Sen. Franklin Drilon, there would be more problems the impeachment court could face! Like a confrontation of the Supreme Court and the Impeachment Court.

Feel free to post comments, this is a democracy!

Further reading on "partiality of Senators": Enrile, Drilon deny Senators lawyering for opposition.

Tatad with his history of subservience to tyrannical government, should be more careful of making moves which undermine the prestige and moral right of the Impeachment Court to hold trials under its MANDATED constitutional function!

Click for a timeline of the trial.

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