Monday, January 16, 2012

Corona: Kill me if you want to remove me.

Click on ABS-CBNnews: Corona: Kill me if you want me out of SC!

The impeachment trial is getting to Corona's nerves. The only way to remove him is to kill him, he suggessts in a news item.

This simply shows he has a shallow sense of public service. In a democracy, everyone serving the government is displensable. Corona believes the impeachment trial is NOT the way to remove him from office.
Imagine! from the top magistrate of the land! He is inviting MURDER to make him a hero, thinking his death will stop the attempts to investigate and recover ill-gotten wealth obtained by him (or his family).

By his dramatic emotional statement, Corona is feeling the heat of his stupid decision subjecting himself to an impeachment. As we said in a previous blog, the loss of confidence should be sufficient reason for him to step down.

Let us punish this dramatic actor in CJ Corona. He still wants to cling to the CJ position. Not because of public service concerns, Not because of a noble calling. But because!!:,

He still wants to protect his benefactor and appointer, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

He still wants to enjoy the perks of his office.

He still wants to make a GOOD! name in the Supreme Court history.

Corona has blown his his chance to be the greatest Chief Justice of the Philippines in history. He is fast losing touch with reality. He has gotten a persecution complex already! He cannot admit that a lot of people do not like HIM anymore!Is

Is he inviting his own murder? It would be nice if the one doing that would be blameless. The poor (in judgment) Supreme Court Chief Justice is aksing for it! Of course, that will be evil in the eyes of the Lord!

Click for a timeline of the trial.

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