Thursday, January 19, 2012

Much ado about the aide memoire

Yes we have to spend time on understanding an what an aide memoire is

Recap: From Jan 15, 2012: WB loan to Supreme Court High Rish!

Excerpts from this news item:
The World Bank has uncovered questionable procurements and disbursements in the high court in connection with the Judicial Reform Support Project (JRSP). The project, partly funded by a World Bank loan of $21.9 million (P930.75 million at an exchange rate of P42.50 to $1), was designed to restore efficiency in the dispensation of justice in the country.

The World Bank is now demanding a refund of $199,900, covering “70 payments” deemed “ineligible” or unauthorized under the terms of the JRSP, by Jan. 31.

  • Where is the aide memoire?
  • Is the Aide Memoire a report
  • The best answer is from someone with WB projects experience: Aide Memoire is a REPORT of a mission. It is FINAL and comments from it by involved parties will be considered as additional inputs. Depending on its status, aide memoire may be classified for official use only or public disclosure.

    Other people opine that the aide-memoire is NOT a report or is NOT a final report yet and is just a proposed recommendation pending confirmation of final details in question.
  • Why is WB asking for refund?

    The Supreme Court used the WB funds for purposes not in the purview of the JRSP project.

    Again from the above cited news resource:

    Included in the “ineligible” purchases were the printing supply of the Court Reporter’s Case Index, purchase of laptop computers, speaker’s fee for seminars, registration fee of justices attending international conferences, and foreign travels of justices and their staff (including airfare, hotel accommodations and meal allowances).

    This comes to a astounding total of 199,900 USD! == 8.8 millions of pesos!

    By definition there are no wasted expenses to the WB since the WB can demand a refund of the expense money for activities not under the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) of JRSP program.

    Ultimately , it is he People of the Philippines who will shoulder the misappropriated funds.

    The Supreme Court therefore AFFIRMED it spent money from the WB but which is outside the MOA (memorandum of agreement).

    In other words, the Supreme Court is wasting TAXPAYERS money to cover for these refunds to the WB.

    In other words. specifically, the Supreme Court people have spent WB money traveling to attend and spend on conferences, managed by a company under the control of the family of a certain Estilito Mendoza who has pending cases with the SC, cases like the overturned PAL union case!

    Conclusion: It is NOT wasted money on the part of the WB because it can always get refunds
Click for a timeline of the trial. To be continued.

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