Monday, January 16, 2012

Corona defense assertion: Listed Properties have no bearing on the impeachment trial?!

It is worth noting that the defense wants the evidence linking the embattled chief justice to 35 properties. Even assuming that the CJ claimed only 5 listed properties, the very fact already out was that his defense council tried to brush away the damning evidence in the ongoing trial which just started today means that the "evidence" uncovered by the prosecution panel and feed to the adoring news outlets (they have to sell newspapers) may shake the foundations of their defense strategy.

We do not condone illegally gotten weatlth. In fact this shows that the rewards for being a lapdog of the previous president GMA is lucre (filty riches).

No, Corona should be stripped of his Chief Justice title if ever proven that his salary cannot cover the imagined costs in millions of his high-profile properties. His family, wife, daughter, son should be summoned to shed light on the ammassed wealth. Let them suffer the penalty for unexplained (illegally gotten) wealth.

Click for a timeline of the trial.

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