Saturday, May 19, 2012

The mind-boggling and ass-shaking estimated wealth of the Chief Justice

I did not like to write this, this is not a personal attack, but an outrage on the continued arrogance of controlled silence, aside from the usual denials, on the part of the Chief Justice's unexplained wealth and hidden dollar accounts. Hidden in the sense that he has to state unequivocably under oath in his current Impeachment trial, that he has or has none!

No wonder, he was given an nickname of TJ, initials for Thief Justice by some amazed followers of his impeachment trial.

The information on his unexplained wealth is embodied on the report submitted by the Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales. For more information, please visit CJ’s unexplained wealth is P677-M—Ombudsman report

The amazing amount in excess of half a billion pesos is not incommensurate with his declared government salary and renumerations and benefits but highly anomalous and scandalous. Moreso, the

Yet, damage control is being done by the defense. Already they claim that Corona only owns only a few (only four) dollar accounts and not more than 50(published is 82), a claim which flies in the face of Corona's denial that he has none.Further, by admitting that Corona does have dollar accounts, they have to admit that Corona has not declared them in his SALN.

We will see if the CJ can wiggle out of this one!

CJ Corona appearance on Tuesday will be eagerly awaited by the nation.

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