Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An amazing court appearance and performance from the Chief Justice?

Finally, CJ Renato Corona, faced the impeachment court, and stated his innocence, and made a strange accusation that the Aquino administration is influenced very much by leftist advisers! Yet after almost 3 hours of presentation (without cross-examination), stunned the country by signing a waiver before the court that would authorize the overseers of the financial system, like the BIR, AMLC, the SEC, and LRA, to disclose to the public any and all information pertaining to his assets. He however included a proviso that all 188 signatories of his impeachment complaint together with Sen. Franklin Drilon, sign the same waiver also before he would submit it.
The nerve! Corona is the one on trial here! Certainly, Corona is being provocative when he should be defensive.

So far he has not made a convincing explanation of the source of his dollar funds, or for the discripancy between

The Chief Justice then proceeded to walk out of the Senate courtroom, without being PROPERLY DISCHARGED, incurring the ire of the presiding judge-senator Enrile. The latter ordered that all exits of the Senate building be closed. Later the Chief Justice was shown in a wheel chair and someone explained that that he suffered from low blood pressure and the defense panel promised he will appear on the stand again on Wednesday.

The waiver is not important now. It is superfluous since by law any transactions involving a lot of money is AUTOMATICALLY reported to the AMLC, the anti-money laundering council.

Corona is on the path of self-destruction. Perhaps the prosecution does not have to ask him much, except for the source of his dollar accounts.Further, he may be guilty of embezzlement of the Basa Guidote corporate money!

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