Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Supreme Court Chief Justice position is vacant.

The high office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has become vacant immediately after the Senate Impeachment Court pronounced CJ Renato Corona guilty on Article 2 of the Articles of Impeachment.

Senate sends Corona's 'notice of conviction' to SC.


The Senate on Wednesday has sent the “notice of conviction” of Chief Justice Renato Corona to the Supreme Court. The notice was received by the Office of the Clerk of Court since the Court Administrator reportedly told the messenger that his position is co-terminus with the chief Justice.

Corona was the first Chief Justice in the country’s history that underwent impeachment trial as well as the first Philippine official to be booted out of office after being found guilty of an impeachable offense.

And erstwhile CJ Renato Corona has accepted the judgment of the Impeachment Court.
Corona: I accept the verdict..

The presiding officer of the Impeachment Court has warned the SC (Supreme Court) not to reverse
the conviction of Corona as it may lead to a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS.
JPE warns SC against reversing guilty verdict.

But apparently this does not stop the head of the defense panel Serafin Cuevas to entertain the thought of going to the SC.
Cuevas: Going to SC an option.
This is a waste of time for all the people. A historic decision has been made, and Cuevas should learn to accept this momentous decision. It just wont work anyway, and he is looking for TROUBLE!

Meanwhile the Palace is now scouting for a replacement, hopefully not a rubber stamp CJ!
Palace scouting for CJ replacement
I will be a little alarmed if Sen. Franklin Drilon will be chosen. He is a very loyal ally of the president and an active member of the LP(Liberal Party), and that fact may rub off on some members of the Judicial Bar Council which will present a formal list of candidates to the president.

This is just the start of troubles for Corona!
Tax, wealth raps eyed vs Corona

One good effect is that the Supreme court, meeting en banc, with Justice Antonio Carpio as acting Chief Justice, has ordered that SALN of all judges and justices be published (freely available, upon valid request). SC orders full SALN disclosure of justices, judges

Already, Enrile has said that Pinoy should not hire an outsider, and Sen. Escudero stated that Justice Carpio should not have accepted the temporary position of Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court out of delicadeza. It is our opinion that the senators are saying out of their field. Let the SC still function and give free reign to President Noy to pick a SC Justice. Whatever happens, Filipinos should be alert and aware of what is happening.

Palace is scouting for CJ replacement
. Among the names floated are Sen. Frankline Drilon, BIR Commisioner Kim Henares, Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza.

So what is left? We will be waiting for the Judicial Bar Council to convene.

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