Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oath Taking and Street Party

In the morning of June 30, 2010, a new president of the republic will be sworn in and the previous one will go down in history boasting of the economy which has been propped up by the remittances of our hard earned Filipino workers working abroad. In this image foisted by administration spin masters, the high DEFICIT in the billions will not get focus! Labor in the form of nurses, domestic workers, engineers, construction workers is now our #1 "export". No, the infrastructures you see NLEX, Mindanao Avenue, Scitex, new school and governmentbuildings will not really uplift the spirits of the Filipino people. For behind these concrete buildings, smooth highways, the mental images of a corrupt president still linger. Those imaginings are far more potent, even when you are riding a bus along the broad avenues: ZTE-NBN scandals, Hello Garci scandals, Fertilizer scams, Malacanang Payolas, and (the list goes on if you keep looking!

So high is the expectations on the Aquino presidency to make a stop of corruption, and it was one of its political campaign cries.Walang mahirap kung walang corruption. But it remains to be seen, my dears, let history be reviewed in 2016, only on that year can we make a report card.

So let's give this new administration the benefit of the doubt. And every one should DO THEIR PART. Willingly and with fervor. Let this generation be not be blaming the older generation. Let this generation and the next show that they have learned the lessons of history.

Today is the oathtaking of the new president at the Luneta and in the late afternoon, street parties at the Quezon Memorial Circle will be held. We hope the police, uniformed or not will be in full force. Pickpockets will always take their chances. And the rains might not cooperate.
But today is significant. A new administration has been officially declared.

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