Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Obama weak towards Muslims? While Muslims are openly hating the USA, and just killed the US ambassador to Libya!

This is an unfortunate turn of events, which hopefully will jolt the occupant of the White House to action! The American Ambassador to Libya was just killed by a Muslim mob, enraged by a movie purporting to scandalize their Allah.

Is it not amazing that civilized Western Christian nations are tolerant towards Mulstims while Muslims openly hate and persecute Christians? For example, any muslim who convert to christianity is charged with apostasy and earn a usual death sentence for the conversion.

A mob has attacked the Benghazi compound of the US Embassy and has killed the US Ambassador and three other Americans!See Washington Post: US Ambassador killed.

Obama should now give a warning to the enemies of the USA that its patience has been tested severely. But will he do it? For example, he has done nothing forcefully towards Iran while restraining Israel. The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel may attack Iran by its lonesome, without the support of its ally to prevent the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons. He even suggested that the Obama administration does not possess the "moral right" to forestall military action by Israel towards Iran.

The Secretary of state, Hillary Cinton, has made a public announcement that the United States will not impose or set a deadline for Iran to drop its nuclear program!!! Naturally, the Israel prime minister correctly replied that absence of a red line, the Iranians will surely develop a nuclear bomb.

A troubling question: Is Obama a closet Muslim?

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