Sunday, September 2, 2012

Senator Sotto caught lying about the birth-control pill Diane-35?!

In a dramatic priveleged Senate speech, Sen. Tito Sotto mentioned that he and his wife lost a child due to a birth-control pill Diane. The Senator said that his wife Diane started taking Diane in 1974. Yet the pill was only made available in 1978.

The good Senator was caught lying! His story of losing a baby now tugs at our incredulity of disbelief.

Conclusion: The Senator is delaying voting on the RH Bill. He should be reprimanded for lying under oath! Much better, he should resign and go back to showbiz.

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Leloy Claudio challenges Sen. Sotto to a debate

The birth control pill Diane-35 is manufactured by Bayer Schering Pharma in Germany. Here is an article showing its side effects, published in 2011: Joseph Pritchard: The pill costs 1.19USD for a 21-pill pack. See Swiss pharmacy: Diane-35

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