Friday, August 24, 2012

At last, we have a new Supreme Court Chief Justice: Ma. Lourdes P.A. Sereno

President Ninoy Aquino, in spite of his critics disdain has appointed Ma.Lourdes Punzalan Aranal-Sereno as the next Chief Justice to replace the previous Chief Justice Corona who has the dubious honor of being the first one to be impeached for false declaration in his SALN! We will be watching if Sereno will be a rubber stamp of the president or be an upright independent , moral and ethical chief justice. Congratulations are in order to both Sereno and the president on this hopeful development.!

We welcome CJ Sereno and give her a one week grace period of one week, seven days starting tomorrow, with absolutely NO negative comments in our blog. So help us. August 24.

Here is her info at a glance obtained from the supreme court writeup on her. We would like to fill in the dates for veracity of her record, but we cannot find other sources aside from our references!

  • Date of Birth - July 2, 1960
  • earned a BS Economics degree at the Ateneo de Manila University
  • 1984: BAchelor of Laws (now called a JD, juris doctor), graduating with valecdictorian honors.
  • Master of Laws, Michigan Law School.
  • legal counselor of the WTO Appellate Body Secretariat in Geneva.
  • chosen as chair of the steering committee of the Preparatory Commission on the Constitutional Reform.
  • taught at UP College of Las for 19 years.
  • August 2010, appointed to the Court as associate justice by Pres. Aquino
  • August 24, 2012: Appointed as the as the 24th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.", replacing then acting chief justice Antonio Carpio.

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