Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diplomacy is what Iran needs to continue developing their nuclear capability

we are alarmed by Iran's continuing nuclear development program. The latest (unconfirmed) news is that it has deployed more than a hundred centrifuges to purify uranium to 20%, deeply in a covered Fordow mountain. The output purity is dangerously close for creating atomic nuclear weapons.

The myopic view of Obama and his defense, intelligence advisers, not to confront Iran directly, will redound to the USA with serious consequencies. Iran thrives on sowing false hopes and discord between the Jewish state and its backer nation of the USA.
The window of opportunity to strike fear into the heart of intrasigent non-Arab Iran, an avosed anti-Semitic state may have been closed, and may call for disparate measures from the small state of Israel.

Expect worse developments in the muddled Middle East, where the state of Israel may have to commit to a most dangerous action to preserve itself. Iran may have to be nuclear bombed to bring senses to its leaderss who may or may not be survivors of a holocauset caused by its stupidity.

It is unbelievable that Pres. Obama of the US is playing deaf and dumb on the so called "Peaceful" nuclear program of Iran. Perhaps a Sum of All Fears situation may not be even enough to jolt the USA to action, it has already whittled away any surprise on retaliatory measures against Iran.

We dont believe Iran needs a nuclear program, it is awash in oil. But let it continue its ways and suffer the consequencies too. This call for continued diplomacy will only strengthen Iran's hand and provides a false cover of peaceful piety.

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