Saturday, August 4, 2012

World, Syria: Does Assad understand history?

The spanish philosopher George Santayana once said : Those who refuse to learn history are doomed to repeat it!

Has Syria’s Bashar Al Assad forgotten what happened to Muammar Khadaffy of Libya last October 20, 2011 ? How the Libyan leader was surrounded by his enemies, shot at and his body paraded for all to see? How his body was stored in a freezer for some days (Muslims bury their dead in 24 hours) in some abandoned food store?

Assad, with the backing of Russia and China, two nations which humstrung the United Nations actions and plans to end the violence in Syria, continues to give pain, sorrow and death to his own countrymen! His generals and ambassadors are desserting him and his regime. Even Kofi Amman has given up on diplomacy to end the bloodletting.

But read the news on Aleppo, Hama and Damascus. Assad;s formidable armed forces are using tanks, planes, and mortars on the rebels, whose ranks continue to swell as the days and months wore on. We give Assad, despite his training as a doctor of medicine, high marks for bloodthirsty and heavy handed responses in the cities of Aleppo and in Damascus, where executions are done almost every day!

yrian leader Assad's planes pound vital prize of Aleppo

Dozens reported killed in Damascus as Syria rebels try to halt advance on Aleppo

Assad has closed the door to a decent exit in Syrian history. Instead, if the rebels ever capture Damascus, we are sure to witness again the lessons of history on tyrants and dictators, with Assad, his family, and his tribe, possbily experiencing a gruesome retaliation.

Assad should go now! to the safety of his benefactors and supporters, to Russia or China. and let Syria rebuild without him. Thats is what wrong with dictators. They have a warped sense of their importance in thier country’s history.

We hope this will be over by October, the month when Khdaffy of Libya died, resisting the roaring call for change.

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