Sunday, August 5, 2012

RH Bill: A canard exposed : Contraception is Corruption!

Come now Bishop Villegas who said the Contraception is Corruption. Nothing is further than the truth!

Here is a graph from Oscar Picazo, published in his Facebook wall:

The graph shows the contraceptive prevalence rate and corruption perception.
I tend to agree with the interpretation of the graph, although how the acceptance or availability of inexpensive (or even free) contraceptives can lead to less corruption is still a mystery. Perhaps other factors come into play.

The very fact that the Philippines already has a low corruption perception is in itself interesting. It shows the perversion of Catholic upbringing or tradition!

Incredible that the Roman Catholic Church is raising its voice of opposition to the RH Bill, which does not ocndone abortion at all. I mean were they that vociferous in Italy, France and Ireland? These foreign perdominantly Catholic countries even have divorce laws!

One thing we can be alarmed over the opposition of the church to the RH Bill, Their stand can lead to unnecessary polarization and divisions. As the constitution respects the separation of Church and state, the Catholic church may soon find itself the focus of criticisms. For instance, the Church accepted money from the Philippine Charity Sweeptakes to buy SUVs for their superiors.

Graphic published with permission from the copyright ownder Oscar Picazo.

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