Thursday, November 7, 2013

Supertyphoon Yolanda: Is the Philippines prepared?

In 1999, India suffered a battering from a category 5 cyclone, whose aftermath listed around 10,000 people officially dead, and massive destruction totalling around US4.5 billion dollars. Read Odisha 199 Cyclone

Based on this frightening experience, India implemented a well-designed anticipatory policy. Thanks to modern satellite imagery, that country made a successful smooth rapid and massive evacuation procedure for the population living near the shorelines of the Indian Ocean.

Now a category 4 Super typhoon is making a beeline to the middle portions of the country, which include Leyte, Masbate Northern Panay, Romblon. The width of this supertyphoon easily encompasses Mindanao Island!

November 7, 2013 (posted 7:00 pm)

Here is a satellite imagery of the Western Pacific on November 7, courtesy of the
JTWC (Joint typhoon warning center).

It is predicted that the eye of the supertyphoon will make a landfall on October 8. Here is a graphical map of the predicted path of the supertyphoon codenamed Haiyan and locally named Yolanda.

And we start a series of DOST/PAGASA satellite photos of the current supertyphoon. this one was taken at November 7, 2013 near 7:00 pm

We hope and pray that the Philippines will survive this current supertyphoon.
But the cruelest disasters besetting the Philippines are man-made, like the Napoles PDAF scam.

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